Seminars / Webinars For your real estate office.

book a seminar/global webinar For your real estate office

Invite us to do a seminar or webinar for your real estate office no matter where in the world you are located worldwide. 

It is designed explicitly for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide. Commercial or residential or both. 

See the great comments of attendees of seminars so you can be sure it will be an eye-opener,  productive, educational, money-making workshop. 


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The seminar is available by Webinar "live" worldwide. Display it on your board room LCD TV. Use a hands-free telephone for sound — one practice session recommending before booking. We require a time by you. 

Invite as many people as you wish because they can also attend remotely by computer from anywhere in the world. 

If anyone can not attend at the appointed time, as long as people register, they can receive a copy of the recording after the event. 

The educational seminars are $2,000 plus expenses for real estate boards and associations that contain no advertising. However, if we can mention ICIWorld and do a six minute commercial on the services during the seminar the seminars are free.

Content of Webinars for Real Estate Associations and Offices

This is a PDF File you can print out. 

Comments of Attendees

 See the written comments of attendees so you can ba assured it will be a worthwhile experience for your office.

We have the experience of being an assistant to 500+ brokers and salespeople over 20 years.

Recorded Webinars on ICIWorld's GoToStage

Recorded Webinars

Goals and Skills To Be Learned

Seminar Content for Commercial and Residential Professionals

Add content to your website that makes you money for the rest of your life!
How to reach the Public with technology
Create a marketing plan for your mobile website
How to get your website on all your customers’ mobile phones...and why
Make alot of money making 5 minute referrals-we show you how 
How to trigger leads from listings (Haves & Wants) where only YOU get the calls 

YOU can do referrals AND show properties AND make money!
Exclusive Real Estate Information– don’t miss out on these lucrative opportunities
How to increase traffic to your website - we show you how
Make your existing website more powerful to generate leads
Philosophy of your website - without this understanding you still wont make money. 
Why some are making money and others are not
Mobile Real Estate Websites - the new Internet Revolution to better serve the public  
How Brokers and Salespeople are missing doing deals and do not realize it
The impact of the Internet on Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Powerful features of the Internet
 Open and Exclusive Listings – A Model that Works
Powerful Marketing Techniques and Tools for your Listings, Referrals
Working with the Wants, some of the largest deals start with the Wants, 
See Why and How - Don’t forget the Buyers. Work the Wants.
A Broker’s Largest Responsibility 
How Information identifies people with whom you can do business
How to reach Principals effectively 
Public Information vs Private Information

One on one assistance for members, every hour on the hour st

daily webinar 1-hour workshops One on one.

ICIWorld helps members worldwide every hour on the hour over the Internet starting at 6 am daily Eastern Standard Time, (Toronto, New York, Miami time) 

These are live one on one sessions, and you book them by making an appointment.  Ten minutes before your appointment time click on the following link to get into the Webinar Workshop. Our two computers will connect, and we will be showing you how to make this information listing service work well for you.  

Have a pad of paper ready to take notes or our Orientation file. 

We have a special checklist that we go through with you to ensure you are taking advantage of this world real estate information service. 

events past and present, and . . . recorded Webinars

There are ICIWorld Real Estate Seminar and Webinar Events as well as other events from time to time in the industry. The events page includes past and present events. See how the announcement page is prepared for you to send to all your salespeople. Some of the past events have been recorded and placed on YouTube. Make an appointment with us to have your event added.

ICIWorld's educational youtube channel

available to teach brokers and salespeople worldwide how to work exclusive real estate information

There are over one hundred recordings of what we have learned with every video still applicable to this day.

Brokers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. One broker, we know of, over $1 Million.

See testimonials.

Learn how brokers are learning how to recognize important information and then get it working on the Internet 24/7 where there are over four billion people. 

Learn how sharing of information from other brokers for your website is inevitable to trigger leads unless you have little or no traffic to your site.

Learn how to promote your website.

And much more.

Marketing in one respect is like fishing. If you do not put your line in the water, you have no chance to put food on the table.