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Join Today It Is Worldwide Unlimited Marketing.


Join Today - For Realtors World Wide.  It is Global Real Estate Marketing and Networking in the most economical way possible, without annoying advertising at this time.

With our VIP Corporate Card membership becomes free from the discounts you can receive all year long if you use it.  

 Also you can have other brokers listings on YOUR website that triggers calls. Displayed on YOUR website in a way that YOU get the inquiries. This triggers leads to do referrals and business.

It is like classifed ads in a newspaper but at 1/10 of one cent per line per day with global exposure and before any VIP Discount Card for Members which makes it become free.

See Testimonials AND GET EXCITED

ICIWorld testimonials

ICIWorld is a Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

See some of the transactions

It is a large collection of independent brokers and salespeople networking with a large following of the public interested in buying and selling real estate.

See deals being done that were not started on a real estate board but were of an exclusive nature.  

What is exciting is that Realtors can do both and that provides more choice for the public. 

Member brokers have made tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now some over $1M.

Last year the largest deal at the Toronto Real Estate Board was $28M.  ICIWorld members have now done two deals over $50M 

The public can now find out about more opportunities in the marketplace. 

And they are protected by having the transaction go through the hands of a registered real estate broker.

Invite us to do a seminar/webinar for your real estate office.


Invite us to do a seminar or webinar for your real estate office no matter where in the world you are located. 

It is designed explicitly for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide. Commercial or residential or both. 

See the great comments of attendees of seminars so you can be sure it will be an eye-opener,  productive, educational, money-making workshop. 


Diana 905-577-5600

Gary 416-214-4875

USA 954-317-2327

Canada 416-777-2633

The seminar is available by Webinar "live" worldwide. We simply need a date and time.

We supply you a link for your computer to display on the LCD TV in your office. 

By using a hands-free telephone for sound or through the computer, the seminar is conducted almost as if we were there. 

10 minutes before your time, click on the link and display it on the screen and presto, learning about worldwide marketing and networking!

affiliate program for companies, associations, chapters, corporate rate memberships


For real estate companies, associations, boards, chapters, etc. can receive a special volume corporate discount. We would like to see something done on your side to promote networking that can save us the cost of advertising. 

You can also set the parameters of what you wish to be allowed to display and not display.

Networking real estate information in a confidential way can dramatically increase your bottom line and increase membership for your organization.

social media, listings by email, internationa real estate newspaper sat. mornings


Subscribe to all our social media, newspaper, listings by EMail, etc.

Subscribe International Real Estate Newspaper. Articles of interest for every in the world. 

Subscribe to receive listings by email, 

Subscribe to ICIWorld Educational YouTube Channel. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Connect on Linkedin. 

faq frequently asked questions


Have questions, we have answers. 

Do not let one or two concerns stop you from investigating this service. This service is proven and time tested since 1994 and there are solutions for most every concern. 

Many have concerns that have been addressed but they do not know about the solutions. 

Many consider themselves too busy to follow up with us.  Sometimes it only takes one phone call. After you will realize that you should have your information working 24/7 not you. 

Brokers Worldwide Share Listings Haves/Wants on YOUR WEBSITE


Widgets on YOUR website trigger leads! Do referrals from the inquiries from the ICIWorld Widgets of

Each member can agree or not agree to allow their listings to be on YOUR website. Most all agree 99%. 

This trigger leads that lead to doing deals and doing referrals worldwide. 

All the broker members listings can appear on YOUR website with one simple menu item called Exclusive. 

See fifty sample websites:

Referrals are averaging $3,000 to $10,000 and more.

The listings are absolutely inevitable to trigger leads because it is specially designed so that no one can click on the message numbers, they must call YOU for more information. 

When people call you, you can do a referral or, you can handle the showing yourself.

Do direct deals. Brokers are making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now over $1 Million dollars. 

It depends on the traffic to your website. We can help with that. See How To Promote Your Website. Receive $100 free towards advertising by simply listening to this YouTube video,.

To do a referral on an inquiry, tell the person calling you that you will have someone call them back.  Then you call the broker whose listing that person called on.  Say "I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral fee okay with you?" That is a five minute phone call. One broker has done fifteen. 

Marketing real estate is a lot like fishing. If you do not put your line in the water you have no chance of putting food on the table. 

And you are providing more choice in the marketplace for your prospects and clients. Doctors do referrals, lawyers do referrals, accountants and many professionals do referrals. 

If you use the Executive Membership VIP Corporate Card, it can save more than a price of membership.

New and renewing members can receive the ICIWorld VIP Card.

If you use it throughout the year, it can literally save you more than the price of a membership.  There are over 200 vendors offering discounts on products, services, hotels, rent-a-cars, entertainment, travel, and much more. 

One member has saved $220 US renting a car in San Francisco, another saved $200 buying a laptop, another saved $80 buying ten Cineplex Tickets as gifts and more. 

Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a colleague to join and receive discounts on your membership and free months of time. 

Simply inform a colleague to mention your name if they join. They can recive a 25% discount to join for the first year, a savings of $79 for the first year. You will receive 25% off your yearly renewa, a savings of $79. 

Refer additonal colleagues and we will add three months bonus onto your membership for each additional salespeople that mentions your name. 

Refer four people and we add a year onto your renewal.

Network Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities

There is one special place in the world to network industrial, commercial and investment and residential real estate Have and Want information and that is ICIWorld, helping brokers and salespeople do it successfully since 1994. 

Once you know how you will find there is all kinds of opportunities out there that you can be working on the Internet where there are four billion people through ICIWorld. 

This triggers leads for you. We will show you how to not give an address until you put a signed listing agreement in place then show the property. 

The money earned can pay for many lifetimes of memberships on ICIWorld. See a few of those who have made it work.

This should show that it can work for you. You have our assistance and Our Pledge.

Advertise real estate board listings just like real estate classified ads in a newspaper

If you could advertise free all year long in the the largest newspaper in your area in the real estate classified ads, would you?  Then you definitely should be a member here. 

It actually works out to be about 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day if you compare it to a newspaper but with a worldwide audience of people locally and from 138 countries.

One example. A broker put a $4M shopping centre on his real estate board and got four calls. He put it on ICIWorld and received 30 calls and sold it. 

There have been transactions by members of ICIWorld over $50M. This is higher than any real estate board in the world that I presently know of. We simply suggest both are vital and important services that every real estate salesperson in the world should include in their marketing placns. Otherwise you can be missing doing deals and not realize it.

So yes we think it is incumbent upon real estate brokers and salespeople to include all competent marketing services in order to achieve the highest and best price. There were fourteen offiers on the one deal over $50M This is important for independent brokers and salespeople because it provides a network to instantly reach tens of thousands of people quickly and easily. 

Lifetime business through connections made

We did a study and found many deals were started on listings that were older than ninety days old. It was the contacts that were important.  It is the people on the network that do the deals. They are the ones that have the connections. You can generate business from the contacts you make here and go off and sell other properties not on the service.  We like to take credit for those deals because if you had not made the connection you may never have done that deal. Brokers report developing business relationships with people they meet through ICIWorld that develop into lifetime business and friends.

Training and Assistance



Widgets are links for YOUR website that display listings, Haves and Wants. Other brokers have agreed to allow them to be on YOUR website. It is inevitable that you trigger leads unless . . . you have no traffic to your website and we have a program to help that. 



No website? No problem!

Make an appointment and we can show you options from $16.50/mo. to $34.95/mo. And they are mobile so all your customers can search listings AND exclusive opportunities from YOUR website from their mobile device.  

Four recorded webinars


Four Recorded Seminars Webinars 

All members should get through them all.

How to work exclusive real estate.

What is exclusive real estate.

How to promote your website.

Orientation, how to place ads.


ICIWorld's Educational Youtube channel


Over 200 video recordings and they all apply to this day. See the latest one at the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board. They are not exciting videos like TV's Dancing With the Stars, but simply money making concepts and ideas from experience that have been making money for brokers and salespeople.  


Make an appointment for a demo or for assistance


This is a one time suggested orientation program designed for a quick start. Make an appointment and ten minutes before your time go to and click on Webinar Workshops. Our two computers will be connected no matter where in the world you are located. No member should go longer the 90 days without doing deal or generating leads otherwise make an appointment, give us a chance to see what is missing. 

quick start orientation pdf file


This file is like a pilots checklist for a broker. If you miss one thing on ICIWorld you can be missing making $50,000 and not realize it.

ICIWorld Our Pledge

Our Pledge

Our Pledge For All Executive Members

No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, a referral or at the very minimum developing a good business relationship with someone you feel can lead to doing business someday otherwise call us!