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Real Estate Information Listing Service

Includes Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities To Do Business in a Confidential Way . . . Worldwide.

And . . . it includes a way for all brokers in the world to share their real estate Have and Want ads on other real estate brokers' websites worldwide. It's like sharing real estate classified ads on each other's websites!

Welcome to a world community of people with a like-minded interest in real estate and using technology to network real estate information daily.

Click on Search to see all the new listings, Have and Want real estate opportunities daily; otherwise, you can be missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it. 75% of the information is unique and not on real estate boards. This service provides more choices for the public. is powered by ICIWorld. ICIWorld is a service that is operated and supported by real estate brokers and salespeople globally to serve the public free. Since 1994 ICIWorld powers many websites worldwide with sophisticated database tools to deliver real estate Haves and Wants within seconds with many options and in many ways. Most ICIWorld powered websites offer the same four choices: commercial, business opportunities, residential and FSBOs each providing a myriad of choices. Resultant sales now rank with the highest sales, $50M+ office towers and development sites as well as small businesses and first time residential home buyers for everywhere on the planet earth.

Real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide provide this service from their own websites. They display the world Haves and Wants from other broker members who have agreed to share their information.  That way all brokers in the world can have all the Haves and Wants from all other brokers in the world on their own website and you can choose to have your Haves and Wants displaying on other real estate broker's websites worldwide.

Database 1 is information placed by broker members with their contact names and numbers displayed to the public just like classified ads in a newspaper. This generates leads for members. There are also links in the listings that provide traffic to members' websites, social media, listings, pictures, virtual tours, resources and more.

Database 2 is FREE for the public to post their Haves and Wants. Their contact information is available to members brokers only. This protects the public by having inquiries filtered through a licensed real estate broker or salesperson.

Search the new listings daily within 3-7 seconds when you learn how. 

  • One second to open the App on your mobile device. 
  • One second to click either commercial, or business opportunities, or residential or FSBOs. (For Sale By Owner)
  • One second to click on Search Database. Connect with others, network and do business.

Statistics show the average search time 2 min. 30 seconds. Find an opportunity. Call the broker. It can be that fast. 

Learn how to sort by price or square foot, and choose business categories, areas, and keywords and more. Search database. 

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople serving the public since 1994. They protect and help the public by having all trades in real estate go through a registered real estate broker or salesperson. It is brokers helping the public create wealth through real estate. Member brokers and salespeople have made tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now some over $1M. See testimonials. 

Another stat,  the largest sale at the largest real estate board in Canada was $28M.  ICIWorld members have now done two deals over $50M. One had fourteen offers from many of the major commercial companies in Toronto. We simply recommend that you include this service in your marketing plans or you can be missing out on achieving the highest price and best terms when selling, and missing out on exclusive real estate opportunities that are not available elsewhere. And remember there is a way to do it confidentially. 

Have and Want real estate opportunities, and listings, display instantly throughout the Internet on thousands of mobile devices and computers with ICIWorld Apps and mobile websites and member's websites. Don't be a secret agent, get your information working 24/7 while you are doing other things. 

There is a readership of people from 138 countries.

There are 40,000+ contacts for ICI Real Estate. 

There are over four billion people using the Internet. 

This service is built from day 1 to be scalable to 1M+ brokers and salespeople worldwide. It has long ago proven to be a value-added service for all brokers and salespeople in the world. See comments of attendees of our seminars and the types of deals being done daily

We strongly suggest a one-hour orientation. Many find it most helpful and all that is needed. Assistance is by appointment and is conducted over the Internet using GoToMeeting used by the Fortune 1,000 companies. For most members, a one time, one on one, a sixty-minute appointment is all that is needed. This Orientation pdf file provides step by step instructions. This file also ensures Our Pledge that every member does business.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS (Since 1994)

416-777-2633 Canada

954-317-2327 USA


Dedicated to helping you succeed.

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Other information tools all powered by ICIWorld.  

Add any of the following as a shortcut on your mobile phone: 

Use the one that you prefer.

Install the ICIWorld App for:

This global searchable database for all is powered by operating since 1994 providing success for thousands of people. From thirteen shopping centres sold in California to 17,000 acres in Peru, to leasing space for a dentist in Mississauga. 

These search tools provide the same four choices, 

  1. Commercial, 
  2. Business Opportunities, 
  3. Residential and  
  4. FSBO's. (For Sale By Owner

Up to the second information at your fingertips for real estate Haves and Wants . . . globally. 

Brokers can display these similar to classified ads in a newspaper on their very own website.

Real Estate Global Networking and Marketing Services


For Realtors Can Become FREE

For Realtors Can Become FREE

For Realtors Can Become FREE

 ICIWorld is unlimited worldwide real estate marketing and networking private type information for brokers and salespeople. 

And it is sharing these listings on each other's websites just like real estate boards do. 

You will also find that this world advertising service can become free.

There are several ways: 

  1. VIP Corporate Discount Card, 
  2. Sponsorship Program to refer others to join, 
  3. doing referrals from the leads generated from your website because of the links to listings provided in a membership, 
  4. deals from connections,And deals made networking real estate opportunities that were not on real estate boards.
  5. referral opportunities created in many ways.. From the listings we supply for your website that generate leads. When you place your listings, they can appear on other brokers websites and they generate referrals back to you! 


For the Public FREE

For Realtors Can Become FREE

For Realtors Can Become FREE

Add your Have or Want Free

If you have a property for sale or lease, and if a real estate broker has a buyer, would you like them to call you? 

If you are a buyer looking for real estate or space to lease, and if a broker has a property for sale or lease that matches what you are looking for, would you like them to contact you? 

Then you should be placing your Have or Want here now or you can be missing doing a deal and not realize it. 

If you are a Realtor and for some reason are not joining at this time, you can place your exclusive Haves and Wants here free. However, if you have MLS listings, you must be a member and then advertise them in Database 1 for the ultimate in worldwide exposure.

Search FSBOs 

After adding a listing you will have to wait 1hr to 3 days until we approve it. 

All kinds of property have been bought and sold from this FSBO Area. 



For Realtors Can Become FREE



Testimonials are proof that every member can do business with Have and Want  information,  not just listings on a real estate board. Brokers can now do both, and both are important.

There are 4+ Billion people on the Internet, and ICIWorld was the first real estate service on the Internet in 1994 to help brokers and salespeople benefit from using the Internet to network Have and Want real estate information. 

Brokers on this service have made tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now over $1M. 

The highest transaction that we know of conducted by one of the largest real estate boards in the world was $28M last year. 

Three ICIWorld members have now done deals over $50M. 

There are 4 Billion people on the Internet, and we have the experience of helping brokers make connections globally to do business.


Display Broker Opportunities Worldwide on YOUR WEBSITE!

For Realtors - See how brokers have agreed to share their listings, Have and Want opportunities

Get your website to trigger just by adding the links from ICIWorld of information provided by other broker members. Brokers worldwide share their information with ;you on your website and vice versa. Just do referrals on every inquiry if you wish, or conduct showings and do business.

From a broker's point of view, it is listings that trigger leads. You will have them on YOUR website in a way that people have to call you.

See fifty sample websites. See menu items called Exclusive, or Residential or Commercial headings with Exclusive.

Members can agree or not agree to share listings on other brokers and salespersons websites. 99% have decided to share.  

This can trigger incoming referrals from all over the world if every broker and salesperson in the world had them. That is the dream goal of ICIWorld.

Executive Members of this service have agreed to allow their listings, and exclusive real estate Have and Want opportunities, to be displayed on YOUR website.  What is better, to have your listing on one site or thousands!

Secondly, the listings are displayed in a way that you get the calls!

It is absolutely inevitable for you to receive leads because of this. If you do not generate leads, it is not because of the listings, it is probably because you have little or no traffic to your website. We have a program that teaches how to promote your website. You will receive a $100 credit towards advertising at the end of the video. See How To Promote Your Website.

Do referrals. Do direct business. Make money for the rest of your life. All while providing an excellent service for your prospects and clients. 

Join and then order them today. They are included in your Executive Membership.

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From a brokers point of view, it is listings, Haves and Wants that trigger leads.  Now you will have them.


Our Pledge For All Executive Members

No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, a referral or at the very minimum developing a good business relationship with someone you feel can lead to doing business someday otherwise call us and give us a  chance to help you!