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What is a real estate information listing service (ils)

Includes Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities To Do Business in a Confidential WAY.

ICIWORLD IS A SOCIETY OF REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND SALESPEOPLE SERVING THE PUBLIC SINCE 1994.  ONE OF THE TECH TOOLS TO SERVE THE PUBLIC IS AN INFORMATION LISTING SERVICE., in one sense, is like classified ads in a real estate newspaper but with a global and local audience.  

Have and Want real estate opportunities, and listings display instantly throughout the Internet on mobile devices and computers. 

One can put as little or as much information in each message ad as you wish.  It is a real-time real estate information listing service that displays real estate opportunities for buying, selling, leasing of Industrial, Commercial, Investment (ICI) Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Recreational, Senior Lifestyles, Residential properties and more for everyone in the world.

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Members conducted two transactions over $50M, one with fourteen offers. We simply say that everyone should include this service as one small part of your marketing plan for each and every opportunity you may have or, you can be missing out on achieving the highest and best price and terms and missing opportunities to do business., as well as other related websites we call tools for a brokers information toolbox such as,, and ICIWorld Apps for iPhones and Androids, are powered by, which is an international commercial and residential real estate information listing service operating successfully since 1994 — started by a member broker of a CCIM Chapter attending breakfast meetings, marketing and networking sessions at the Toronto Real Estate Board. 

This service is designed to ensure brokers never lose opportunities to do business because of the inability to track them all in the world today. 

There is a readership of people from 138 countries.

The world real estate database displays active listings, Haves and Wants of exclusive real estate opportunities and listings of several hundred real estate professionals. 

There are 30,000+ contacts for ICI Real Estate. 

On mobile devices, the default displays are listings less than 90 days old. However, you choose how far back you wish to search. Members and the public use older listings for networking purposes. Research shows 50% of transactions started by connections made with people on listings that were older than 90 days. 

Members can agree or not agree to share listings on other brokers and salespersons websites. 99% have decided to share.  See fifty sample websites of broker sharing.

All members of the world can have other members listings displayed on their website to generate leads, referrals, and business. Websites provide links, contact information, social media, and more so that you can become immediately familiar with whom you may wish to consider developing a business relationship and conduct your next transaction or referral.

There are over four billion people using the Internet, and this service is well-positioned to continue helping brokers and salespeople do more business in less time than they ever thought possible — all to serve and protect the public well.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant.

We have the experience of helping and learning from over 1,000 brokers and helping salespeople daily every hour on the hour by appointment over the Internet. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.



This is a world wide community of people interested in real estate. 

There are contacts in two in real time searchable real estate world databases of real estate opportunities for commercial and residential real estate opportunities operating since 1994.

Paid Membership Monthly or Yearly Broker Database 1 is commercial and residential real estate information placed by licensed real estate brokers and salesperson members for the ultimate in worldwide exposure and services. Full contact information is provided, EMail, Website links, phone numbers, etc. Contacts, showings and deals are made all the time.

Free Postings For The Public in FSBO Database 2 is commercial and residential real estate information placed by the public free. There is a limited display of the subject line of the commercial real estate opportunities. One must contact a member of the service for more information.  Contacts, showings and deals are made all the time.

There are over four billion people using the Internet. ICIWorld has the experience of helping real estate brokers and salespeople do extensive real estate marketing and networking using the Internet since 1994. 

Please make an appointment. For assistance, demo or to discuss presenting a seminar for your real estate office, real estate board or association.

By making an appointment, it keeps the cost down on the network and avoids playing telephone tag. Usually only a one time orientation is all that is needed and recommended for a member joining. 

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fifty sample websites of how you can have exclusive real est

For Realtors - See how other brokers have agreed to share their listings on your website. Join and order them today. they are absolutely inevitable to generate leads the rest of your life. see fifty sample websites.

From a brokers point of view, it is listings that trigger leads. You will have them in a way that people have to call you.

Join and order them today.

Sharing of listings is one of the powers of this network provided  by real estate brokers and salespeople. Executive Members of this service have agreed to allow their listings, and exclusive real estate Have and Want opportunities,  to be displayed on YOUR website.  What is better, to have your listing on one website or on thousands!

Secondly, the listings will be displayed in a way that you get the calls!


Do referrals. Do direct business. Make money the rest of your life. All while providing a great service for your prospects and clients.   

See Fifty Sample Realtor Websites with exclusive real estate displayed.

For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople


ICIWorld is a Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, marketing listings globaly, networking Have and Want exclusive type real estate opportunities, on mobile devices and computers. 

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For the Public


There are many opportunities in the world that are not on real estate boards. This is one major source. Buyers and sellers can search free. Place ads free in Database 2 For Sale By Owner Area (FSBO) and receive listings by EMail daily. All provided by the ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople.

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This is unlimited worldwide real estate marketing and networking for brokers and salespeople. 

And it is sharing these listilngs on each others websites just like real estate boards do. 

In fact we will be approaching real estate boards to offer this service to you. 

You will  also find that this world advertising service becomes free upon joining. 

There are several ways: 

  • VIP Corporate Discount Card, 
  • Sponsorship Program to refer others to join, 
  • doing referrals from the leads generated from your website because of the links to listings provided in a membership, 
  • deals from connections being made,
  • referral opportunities generated in many ways and more.

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If you have a property for sale or lease, and if a real estate broker has a buyer would you like them to call you?  

If you are a buyer looking for real estate or space to lease, if a broker has a property for sale or lease that matches what you are looking for, would you like them to contact you? 

Then you should be placing your Have or Want here now or you can be missing doing a deal and not realize it. 

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Testimonials are proof positive that every single member can do business.

Brokers are now retiring from having done 20+ deals, selling properties over $50M, making more than $1M in commissions.

This service has been operating since 1994 and has not been without growing pains and learning curves. 

But with 4 Billon people on the Internet, and the mobile apps and other cutting edge services, the connections being made are exciting to here about daily.

Read about some of the deals, connections and networking going on.

You will have the power to network with thousands . . . instantly.

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