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Make an appointment


It would be kind of tough to answer 1,000 phone calls. We would need five people, $200,000 per year. Instead simply make an appointment for assistance to be done over the Internet. Ten minutes before your time click on Webinar Workshops at and our two computers will be connected. 



Print out this orientation pdf file. It is like a pilot's checklist for a broker. If you miss one thing on an information service you can be missing making $50,000 and not realize it. This orientation file ensures you are making the best use of this information service. And if you are not working on a deal every 90 days, or at the very least making connections to do deals then make an appointment. Give us a chance to help you. 

This video follows the orientatin print out.

how to add haves wants


This should be a one time run through for you. When you click on Add Have Want and enter a listing, Have or Want, it is instantly on the Internet on thousands of websites, and it is sent out to the industry by EMail. Rushing a listing and there can be mistakes.  Mistakes and you can be missing making $25,000 and not realize it. There is a special way to enter Wants. There is a way to sell the location of your listings. You can link to the photos on your website if it is an MLS listing. However we recommend triggering a lead first, identifying the caller, and then at least you have identified the person during the term of the listing. 

Get through these four video recordings


These four videos should bring you up to date on how to make an information service work for you. The good news is that it is a one time setup on ICIWorld. How to promote your website, orientation on ICIWorld, searching placing listings, how to work exclusive real estate and more. 

Widgets for YOUR website This is lead generation


Order the links for your website.  If you do not have them, you are missing doing deals AND referral opportunities and, you do not realize it. 

The great thing abou it? It all works automatically once installed, updating listings, Haves and Wants daily. 

Ordering the widgets is included in your Executive Membership

Mobile websites the new internet revolution


One of THE most powerful tools of the Internet is a mobile website. And they are as little as $16.95/mo to $34.95/mo. Make sure you order it from ICIWorld for special discounts we have negotiated for members and for extra support.  

See 50 sample websites.