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  1. Database 1 is information placed by registered real estate brokers and salespeople. Contact information is available for about 4,000.  You will require a member for more information on listings in Database 2 FSBO Area. 
  2. Database 2 FSBO Area is information placed by the public with a limited view available of the subject line.  You must contact a member for more information.

place your own Haves and Wants into database 2 free


If a member broker of ICIWorld has a property that matches the description of what you are lookinig for, would you like them to contact you?

If a member has a buyer that matches what you  have for sale or lease would you like them to call you?

Then you should place your Haves and Wants into Database 2.  It is free to do so.

There is a lot of business being done.  

Make an appointment for assistance.

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Our email list services are being rebuilt for all the areas of the world. 

Available now are ones for commercial Ontario and GTA residential at this time.

The Digest method means if there are 2 or 10 listings today placed, you will only receive one email with the new listings in it.

ask a member a question


Only Executive Members can provide the ultimate in networking on this service. 

Proof of success? The largest sale at one of the largest real estate boards in the world was $28M.  ICIWorld Executive Members have done two deals over $50M.  We simply suggest you should include ICIWorld in your marketing plans if want a chance to achieve the best price and terms.

Make your own arrangements for compensation.

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Social Media Also Can Remind Us

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn

Social media helps to inform, educate, communicate however it is also a reminder for you  to search the latest real estate Haves and Wants daily or, you can be missing opportunities to do deals and not realize it.

It is also easy to forget to maintain your information so that it works 24/7. Only by keeping them less than 90 days old otherwise you are missing opportunities to connect and do business.  

international newspaper free


The ICIWorld International Real Estate Newspaper is delivered Saturday mornings 5 AM EST by EMail. 

Enjoy it with your morning cup of tea or coffee. Everyone we talk with indicates that you too will always find one or more articles of inferest or of value.

 May we suggest the business section first.

  We appreciate your feedback.