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The ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople to serve the public.


Welcome to everyone in the world interested in real estate. 

This is a community of real estate brokers, salespeople and the public who have a like-minded interest in real estate networking real estate opportunities since 1994. 

The public can search and place information, make connections to do business. 

If you are a Realtor, would you like to have, on your website, with one button that displays all the real estate opportunities from all broker in the world? See 

If you are a Realtor would you like to have your listings, Have and Want Real Estate Opportunities automatically displayed on real estate brokers websites internationally? See

See videos.

ICIWorld started as an independent Internet service in 1994 by Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Real Estate Broker since 1974, Past President of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter and Past Chairman of the 1999 CCIM International Commercial Real Estate Conference and with other real estate salespeople. We all took a leap of faith into all this new cutting edge technology to develop it for the benefit of the real estate industry and the public worldwide. We still have a long way to go. 

How do you keep track of everyone's Have and Want opportunities?

Missed opportunities mean real estate brokers and salespeople are missing opportunities to serve the public. 

Missed opportunities mean real estate brokers and salespeople are missing making money and do not realize it.

Networking with other brokers, the public, exploring for buyers, selling opportunities to do business is something that everyone in the real estate industry is aware of and does daily even if it is to do a referral. 

There are groups of professional real estate salespeople such as CCIM's, CIPS, most all real estate offices, who discuss these opportunities in meetings. I have a property coming for sale; I know someone who has a property they want to sell, or I have a buyer looking for such and such. They share real estate property opportunities and what buyers are looking for. 

They do referrals. 

We call these real estate opportunities Haves and Wants. 

One such group is the CCIM Chapter, where we have breakfast meetings at the Toronto Real Estate Board. 

If you had a new listing, you could talk about it in marketing sessions for networking purposes to find a possible match for buyers and sellers for your prospects and clients. 

This is a real estate Internet service that keeps track of Have and Want opportunities worldwide in real estate. They are not necessarily real estate board listings although all members advertise their MLS listings much like classified ads in a newspaper.

However, owners of real estate many times tell a real estate salesperson "bring me in a buyer for my property and I will pay you a commission, but I do not want to give you a listing at this time." 

That also is a real estate opportunity.

If no one knows about it, this is a missed opportunity to do business. This is a missed opportunity to serve that person to help them achieve their objectives. 

This is a missed opportunity for a salesperson to make money. 

Brokers and salespeople on this service put a stop to missed opportunities by displaying brief information on this worldwide service to be followed up by interested parties. 

Brokers and salespeople on this service put a stop to missed opportunities in real estate by making it possible to network that kind of information in a responsible fashion compatible with all services in the real estate industry. If you can get a signed listing, put it on MLS if you can. However, if not, there is a way to network all kinds of real estate opportunities on this service. 

This service networks this kind of information very, very successfully since we started in 1994. You do this by not placing an address or identifying the property. The public can find out about these opportunities by contacting the agents. 

There are many more reasons why the possible sale of a property must be confidential. Businesses require confidentiality or it could be bad for business. People want to try and sell their property for sale themselves we call them FSBO's (For Sale By Owner). 

There is a way for members of this service to network all these opportunities in real estate in compliance with their license registration as long as one does not identify the property.

It is professional real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide who are best positioned in the industry to properly identify and display information and work it in a responsible fashion. 

Moreover, the public is protected by dealing with a licensed real estate broker or salesperson. 

See "Why Use A Realtor"

The advantage to the public is tremendous. There are more opportunities presented. $50M development projects have been sold including corner variety stores, restaurants, businesses of all kinds, new homes to built, hotels, shopping centers, apartment buildings, worldwide, medical buildings, manufacturing plants, land of all kinds, industrial properties, all kinds of residential properties. See other examples.

Every trade in real estate contributes to GDP of a nation. (Gross Domestic Product) This service has the proven capability to contrubute to the economic well being of all people in every nation on earth. 

As we continue to grow, we are looking for an organization or entity who may be interested in serving the real estate industry to serve the public to continue to grow this service worldwide. 

It is all about networking Have and Want real estate opportunities and real estate salespeople worldwide are best positioned to hear about a person who wants to sell, buy or lease real estate or a business. 

This Real Estate Information Listing Service with a membership of registered real estate brokers and salespeople is designed to collect and display real estate opportunities that are not on real estate boards for purposes of networking with others, AND advertising regular real estate board listings. It is all built to help Realtors network information to serve the public. 

If you are a broker, and if you could advertise in a world newspaper all year long for free, would you? Then it would be best if you were a member. 

Moreover, because this is so important, we did not want the impediment of cost to be a factor so we have designed this service so it can become free for life once you are a member if and when you take advantage of the services. We will show you how.

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Appointments are conducted worldwide over the Internet. Ask for a demo or just to ask questions or to get started. Ten minutes before your time, go to and click on Webinar Workshops. Our two computers will be connected and we can answer all your questions. We operate like a doctors office every hour on the hour starting at 6am daily.   We ask that you do not call us on the phone. To have 100 people calling in at once would require several assistants and $200,000 in cost and you would have to pay for it. Instead just make an appointment and we do not have to play telephone tag. Usually only one or two appointments is all that is ever needed for all new members to start. We do have various training videos and handouts you will print out with step by step instructions on how to use the service. Most all instructions are only needed one time. Once you are up to date, all you will need to do to not miss opportunities is to 1. search periodically 2. add your opportunities in a timely manner.

Founder Statement and Biography

Gary Nusca, Broker, CCIM, CIPS

Welcome to everyone in the world. 

ICIWorld is a community of real estate brokers, salespeople and the public who all have a like-minded interest in real estate. 

As manager of the Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. We are assistants to help real estate brokers and salespeople take advantage of the Internet to serve the public worldwide. 

We help with working real estate Have and Want information using computers, mobile phones, and devices to network and do business. 

We enjoy meeting brokers locally and worldwide daily in one-hour appointments. It is just like a doctors office but conducted over the Internet.  It shows how to take advantage of these cutting edge information, technology, Internet services, and real estate concepts that make money. 

We attend and participate in world conferences such as The National Association of Realtors conference in Washington.  We exhibit at world trade shows such as Toronto Realtor Quest presented by the Toronto Real Estate Board.  It has over 40,000 members. We are media sponsors for investment and trade shows, and more. 

We also conduct seminars in real estate offices and associations and real estate boards and webinars worldwide on request.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 

We thank all the real estate professionals who have contributed to the development of this service and continue to believe in it.  By helping it grow, it serves to benefit the commercial and residential real estate industry. 

The benefit of every trade in real estate trigger demands for products and services, and this creates jobs, economic prosperity, and contributes to the GDP of a nation and well being of its people. information listing service and real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide has the potential and will do that.



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Start with as little as possible at first in any one field. Only add parameters if you get too many results.

Special to be the first in your country, state to join. Would you mind paying the full price when you do your first deal?

Goals And Objectives And Our Pledge For Every Member


Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

It is the power of networking real estate opportunities with thousands of people that provides results.

This service provides a way for all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world to network with the public worldwide and the organized real estate indusry world with as close to zero cost as possible and with no annoyance of pop up ads. 

To provide a world service for real estate brokers and salespeople in the world to network real estate information of an exclusive nature, and advertise listings globally in the most economical way possible in the world today without advertising interference all the time to support the service while taking full and maximum advantage of the Internet to serve the public. 

To povide networking tools, technology tools, and cutting edge services for all brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

To help the industry provide the power of networking to serve the public.


Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

 Membership is designed to become free for every single member, when and if you do one or more of the following: 

1. All yearly members receive an Executive Membership VIP Discount Card. Over 250 vendors are providing discounts on a myriad of products and services. If you use it, you can save more than the price of membership. 

2. Referral Program - Refer another salesperson to join and receive a 25% discount on your renewal. Receive an additional three months on each referral. Refer four and receive an extra year free.

3. Referrals - generated by placing the Widgets of listings on your website which are IDX links to listings that other members have agreed to share on YOUR website. All structured in a way that you get the calls. Do referrals and direct business.

4. Income from deals done selling properties as a result of leads generated from the Links to listings provided for YOUR website.

5. Income generated by from leads generated by you placing real estate Have and Want opportunities, working exclusive real estate opportunities.

6. Income generated by you advertising your real estate board listings and receiving inquiries and selling them or other property.

7. Income generated by advertising and marketing your listings and exclusive real estate opportunities, developing business relationships with buyers and selling other real estate not on the service. ie: from networking with others.

8. Income generated by knowing what buyers are looking for, then asking owners of that type of real estate, in your geographic market area, if they want to sell if you could get them the price they want. 

9. Income generated and money saved from the ideas, real estate concepts.

See business deals generated.


Our Pledge

Goals and Objectives

Our Pledge

No member should go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal or at the very least, triggering leads that you feel can lead to doing business someday. Or, make an appointment with us.

We provide one on one support over the Internet by appointment. 

We provide unique videos and recordings of seminars.

We provide a particular checklist, like a pilot's checklist but for a broker to ensure you take advantage of this information world service.

Four billion people are using the Internet.  We have learned and helped brokers make connections to do business since 1994. It is just a matter of when you do your first deal or referral, not if.

Global Networking, Testimonials, Free International Newspape



All Realtors have a website or should have one. If not we also supply websites. But the most exciting development that the industry is learning about is the Widgets of listings. Other brokers have agreed to allow their listings to be on YOUR website. And . . . the listings are structured in a way that YOU get the leads.  DO REFERRALS. DO DIRECT BUSINESS. 

It is absolutely inevitable that people have to call you because people can not clic on the listings, they have to call you.  See 50 sample websites with these links.

They are actually powerful API's that take all the new information being added by member brokers, and then display them on your website instantly . . . all in real-time!

And it is all done automatically and you do not have to do a thing once they are installed.

Real Testimonials

Testinomials are proof positive that every member can and should do deals. See the connections made, the networking that is going on, the deals that result from networking. Last year the highest sale at the Toronto Real Estate Board was $28M Members on this service have now done two deals over $50M Every member can and should do deals every ninety days or at the very least trigger leads that you feel will lead to doing deals or make an appointment with us and give us a chance to help you. 

Subscribe to our International World Newspaper

Our International newspaper is delivered by EMail every Saturday morning and it is free. If you click on Business, you should almost always find one or more articles of interest for all who are interested in business and real estate. 

Subscribe to Receive the Daily Digest of Listings for your geographic areas.

We had 200 EMail Lists serving the world for over 20 years. With news developments on the Internet he whole system however had to be changed. We are rebuilding them now. There are few that are rebuilt that you can subscribe to. Check back monthly for new ones. It is real estate HAVES AND WANTS delivered by EMail daily. Digest format means only one email with the new listings in it. 


Frequently Asked Questions. If and whey you have questions we prefer you make an appointment with us over the Internet. 1USA 954-317-2327 Canada 416-214-4875.